Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bachelorette Party Invitations!

I have a friend with an upcoming Bachelorette Party and it got me thinking about great Bachelorette Party Ideas! Here are some great invitation ideas for the Party Bride and the Not-so-Party Bride!

Start out with a good direction with the Bachelorette Party. Decide whether you want to do a weekend trip to the beach, a spa party, a night out on the town, a pole dancing class, or a girls night in! Schedule these things based on the Bride's personality!

This invite is a DIY! Do a small card print for the inside of the invite with the details of the event.
Buy thick 8x11 pink paper and fold the ends of the paper to the center. Cut silhouette and punch holes for the ribbon and run it through like a corset!

This is a cute idea to do a Night In Bachelorette Party. Adding the invite to a cutting board is a great idea! You could do a cooking theme, and have a chef come teach a cooking class, or if your bride is a wine drinker; you could do an invitation with a wine bottle on it and add the cutting board for a wine and cheese party!

This invite is really great for a Beach Weekend Bachelorette Party! Wording is "Bride's name," is dropping her anchor and tying the knot!

Playing Card idea for the Vegas Bachelorette Party!

Love this for a Spa Bachelorette Party! You can either stay in and have your own Spa Party or have it at a Spa. A Spa Bachelorette Party is really good for the destination bride, when you are not familiar with the area!

Cute wine party invite and can be done in many colors! Order these from Etsy!

I like this idea, if you are going on a night on the town, but another way to use this invite for the Not-so-Party Bride; is have a stay in dance party. With all the dance games for game consoles, this is a cute idea!!
Order these at

The new trend for Bachelorette Parties is Pole Dancing! This is fun and a great workout! So PLEASE plan this at a licensed Fitness Center, not a bar!!! This invite is really cute with the quote "Come and wiggle and giggle!"

You can go with just a simple invitation, as well; but the invitation is really important if you are the person planning the party and there will be ladies there that you are not in communication with; because the invitation is what sparks excitement for the ladies to attend!

Contact us if you need help planning the Bachelorette Party or need help with Bachelorette Party Design!

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